the dog days are over,
$KITTY is here.

first KITTY coin on Polygon, first KITTY moon mission.
decentralized cat-friendly meme token. buy with ultra-low gas fees and support our intergalactic journey!

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Nobody likes paying $79 in Ethereum gas fees on a $50 memecoin purchase. Polygon supports trades of any size, all with a fixed fee of 0.00001 MATIC (less than $0.0001). That means you can spend $69 on $KITTY and actually get $69 worth of $KITTY!



  1. Install MetaMask on Chrome. Set up a wallet with a new seed phrase.
  2. Add the Matic Mainnet to your MetaMask wallet. Here's how.
  3. Add funds to your Matic Wallet. You can do this swapping Ethereum to Matic using the Matic Bridge. If your MetaMask ETH wallet is empty, you can buy Ethereum on Coinbase or Trust Wallet and send some to your MetaMask address.
  4. Got MATIC in your Matic wallet? Then you're finally ready to buy! Click the button below to swap your MATIC for $KITTY with an ultra-low fixed fee! Happy MEOWing! :)